Thursday, July 22, 2010

UCLA in review

Yesterday was a long day for me. I didn't sleep much and we left for UCLA really early. I had a hearing test done. I did well. I have a 20-30 % hearing loss right now. I am healthy and doing well. The doctor hopes the loss is temporary and I will get it back. I have to do another test when my ears are really hurting and I have more issues talking. If my ears don't get better, I will need surgery before I turn 5.

I saw Dr. McCurdy, my Rheumy, and it was all good. I got new a lot of new medicines to try so I hope I like it all. I still have arthritis. She thinks I have Polyarticular extended JIA....

I also met with Susan, the Physical Therapist. I like her a lot. She says I have to wear my ankle braces for at least a year. It is helping my knees more than my ankle (which is good) , so we have to do something else for the ankle.

I am getting excited for Philly. I get to play with other little kids that have arthritis. We are going to the zoo on a field trip while my mama listens to people talk.

Hope you are well, I am!!!



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