Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally feeling better

The end of last week I went and saw Dr. Quinton Gopen, an Otolaryngolist...whatever that means. He specializes in Balance Disorder, Cochlear Implant, Facial Nerve, Neuro Otology, Oncology, Otology, Pediatric Ear Problems, Skull Base Surgery. I went because my ears have been bugging me and really hurting. My mama thought it could be the arthritis settling in my ears, but it's not. It's a seperate issue. I remember people saying that I look drunk when I walk sometimes. He said it was because of my ears. I overheard Dr. Gopen telling my mama that we have to have 2 audiology tests done: one when my ears hurt and one when I am healthy.

Dr. Gopen thinks that the throwing up episodes are because of the my ears and the way it affects my body. He also said my speech issues are because of the inflammation of the way inner ears.

I have felt good the past 2 days and have been talking. I think he is right. I want to talk, I just can't hear it that well. Perhaps my mama will lay off me if I don't hear her or I ignore her:) I don't think she will.

When I go back and see Dr. McCurdy, I will have the audiology testing done first, wait a few hours, then see Dr. McCurdy.

Hope you are happy. I keep telling mama "I happy". I have tried to be a good girl lately. I hope to be for a bit longer (my mama more than anyone wants me to be good for a lot longer).

My mama is trying to get us ready for the big trip to Philly in 2 weeks. She has been on the phone working out the airplane seats and hotel requests. Do you have any toys or ideas I can tell her that is fun to play with on a plane? My nana says I don't need anything but my mama says I do. Can you imagine me being couped up for a 9 hour travel day? I can't sit still for 1/2 hour unless I don't feel good. I have a feeling I'm going to feel good and be hyper!!! I'm funny that way.

We didn't have the garage sale because of UCLA and I wasn't feeling good. I think she wants to do it this weekend. I don't know if it will happen. So much is going on.

Hugs and licks (I lick like a dog instead of kissing!!!),


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