Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 doctor visits today...

Today was to be a simple day. Physical therapy in the morning and then watching my room get painted. Instead, I got to play with Jackson and I napped there too!!! At 3, I went to Dr. Kelts to see if I was having GI issues. He said not really, gave me a new rx for liquid Prevacid since I hate the tablets. He mentioned to my mama that I more than likely have migraines that go alogn with the CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) that I have. He also mentioned that I could have TMJ which is not uncommon with JIA kids. He also said it could be the ears. I laughed when he said I was one of his mystery patients that keeps him on his toes. I hear it from my mama too...My nana says it to me all the time because my mama was the same way.

I have to go see a new doctor on Thursday at UCLA. His name is Dr. Gopen and he is a pediatric ENT (he has a better title but I forgot what it is). He will hopefully be able to help me. I don't know if he is going to make me sleepy and do an ear biopsy or not. I have heard my mama say that if they put me to sleep, I will have a lot of other testing done that we have waited for.

I finally ate dinner today. I ate turkey, and lots of it!!! I also ate my mama's ice cream. I thought it was funny. She said she wanted me to eat, no matter what it was:)

Hope you have a great day.




  1. It was great having you guys here today. Hang in there Lilly. You are a trooper! You have a great mama too.

  2. We love you lily! You and your mama are strong. See you down at UCLA maybe. A hospital play date why not.