Monday, July 5, 2010


Last year I hated the fireworks, so this year I saw them from a distance. We went to the top of a mountain and I saw a lot of other fireworks shows. I really liked the purple ones.

Today was an ok day. I still don't like to eat. Everytime I eat, I get sick. My mama doesn't know what is going on. My ears are still hurting. I layed around a lot today. I could only play for a few minutes before I had to rest. My knees were really swollen today. My fever only reached 99, so that's good. My normal temp is 96.7-97.2., so 99 is a fever for me.

I am going to physical therapy tomorrow morning. I am getting used to my braces. I hate getting my shoes because they are tight.

I am hoping to get into UCLA soon so they can figure out what is wrong with me. My mama is on the phone all the time.

I got my room painted purple. I love purple. It's one of my new words I can say clearly. I hope to have my room pretty soon.

Love ya,


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